My wife and I spent most of 2009 in Paris while she attended culinary school. I’m constantly amazed by the creative dishes she comes up with and I think this is a good way to share her talent with others. She wants to write a book on cooking someday and I want this to be her inspiration. 🙂

The more recent pictures are with a new Canon D50 I bought when we had our first baby in July and the earlier pictures are mostly from an iPhone.  I’m trying to take better pictures in order to start posting on other sites.

A la table is actually not proper French, so if anyone has some better ideas for website names that are available feel free to recommend them!


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One Response to About

  1. Paul says:

    You guys are awesome! Something made me think of your site and I thought I’d check in – everything looks amazing! I love your comments, too, Dan – very sweet! I’ll bet you’re enjoying some other delicious dish right now. Maybe, I will see it on this site tomorrow…

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