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Pumpkin Candy

One of my favorite restaurants is Helmand, and they make an appetizer called Kaddo. It’s pumpkin baked in sugar with a yogurt and meat combination that tastes great! I decided to just make the pumpkin part using this recipe and … Continue reading

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Asparagus Milanese

This was a delicious dish from Mario Batali’s the Babbo Cookbook. Asparagus, olive oil, eggs, parmesan, with salt and pepper. Add a bit of bread to wipe up the eggy deliciousness!

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Cheese Plate

Clochette goat cheese and Havarti with dill. Almonds, walnuts, dates, honey, crackers and dried prunes, apricots, and cranberries.

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Lemonade Variation

Lemons, limes, mint, honey and water. Refreshing!

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