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Chai and Honey Infused Truffles

Mother’s Day Chai and wild lavender honey from Portugal hand-dipped chocolate truffles based on the Chocolates & Confections book from the Culinary Institute of America. My wife says they are the best she has ever tasted!

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Tasty Sweet Potato

Sweet potato with goat cheese and beets!

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No-Bun Burger

Burger topped with egg topped with avocado topped with brie surrounded with….no bun!

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Vanilla Pizzelle

Standard vanilla Pizzelle, next maybe we can use them as shells for canoli!

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Orange Cointreau Soufflé

Orange Cointreau Soufflé. My wife says to make it, basically you just make a pastry cream and then fold in a meringue.

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Waffles for a Snow Storm

Getting ready for some snow! I’m thinking maybe I should have multiplied the recipe by 8 instead of 4!

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Date Night

French Onion soup, salad with baby spinach, mâche, sunflower seeds, yellow bell pepper, carrot, olive oil, pepper.  Sourdough bread with olive oil drizzle. Lasagna with homemade noodles, Mornay sauce infused with sage, butternut and pumpkin purée with nutmeg, onions deglazed … Continue reading

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Gateau de Crepes

Alternating layers of chocolate and raspberry ganache with crepes in between.  Made for a friend’s birthday.  We were too excited and cut a piece out before getting the camera!

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Tastier Fettuccini Alfredo

Homemade fettuccine with a Mornay sauce that included some cayenne pepper for a slight kick.  Topped with a homemade tomato purée to counter the richness of the cheesy sauce.  Happy New Year!

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All the fixings for make your own Panini! Avocado, carrots, yellow peppers, cucumber, leaf spinach, prosciutto, whole wheat bread, and olive oil!

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